Monday, November 21, 2011

"Number 48" for sale

To my fellow Sammio blog readers,

I've loved building (and now driving) the Sammio, and I hope that the exposure in the blog and in my article in Complete Kitcar Mag has raised the profile of the whole Sammio range of cars, especially the Spyder. (You'd be amazed how many people email me through this blog with questions and end up buying kits!)

I've got a very expensive few months ahead of me, I'm getting married and we're looking to move into a bigger house too - both are proving to be eye wateringly expensive.

It's with a slightly heavy heart that I've put number 48 up for sale on eBay.

I'm not in any desperate rush to sell it, and when it does go it will have to be for the right price, but as my fellow blog readers, I wanted to let you all know personally and explain, rather than anyone stumble across the eBay add first.

Meantime I've been out and about in number 48 and have clocked up almost 150 trouble free miles since Saturday!