Saturday, July 30, 2011

Body shell completely fitted

I've finally completed fitting the body shell onto the car.

In the top photo it shows where I applied the white coloured bonding paste onto the frame in key points where the shell rests on it. (This was done at the rear too)

The red straps are ratchet straps that I used to hold the body tight up against the frame in the correct place. This proved to be a highly effective solution.

I then put some foam down the sides of the shell at the front edges and fibre glassed the sides of the bulkhead across onto the body.

On the inside I've glassed the front edges of the floor onto the metal floor, and all the way along the sides from the floor up onto the sides of the body.

In all cases I've used two layers of fibre glass on 90 degree angles

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Front springs lowered

I've removed 75mm of the front springs on each side, and now the car sits lovely and level.

I still need to adjust a few things but the basis of how the body sits is starting to look good now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Larger anti roll bar fitted

I've fitted the larger Spitfire 7/8" anti roll bar and fitting kit, complete with the anti roll bar links (at the extreme left and right of the photo).

This replaces the smaller Herald 7/16" anti roll bar, the larger one is used in conjunction with the swing spring I've fitted at the rear. (They are fitted as a pair)

Battery tray fitted

I've managed to angle grind a hole for the battery tray to fit into, between the two upright sections that the battery screws down into. I've fibre glassed it into place to make it nice and secure.

You can see in the top photo that the battery is significantly above the level of the bonnet, and in the bottom picture the issue is solved!

The reason for me shortening the tray was so that it fits between the two retaining uprights. Hope that makes sense!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Battery tray shortened

No updates for the last few days, been away relaxing.

Tonight I did my first bit of fibre glassing ever, what fun it turned out to be, a great experience!

The reason for cutting the tray down by 45mm was so that it will fit between the battery mounting points on the bulkhead without modification.

I will post further pics once its fitted to give a clearer explanation!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Handbrake completed

By using the old linkage components from the Herald, the new handbrake set up works perfectly with no adjustment required.
I still need to buy and fit an extra bolt that locates the front edge of the handbrake onto the chassis, and need to fabricate something better than two cable ties to hold the pivot above the prop shaft.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rear body tub test fitted

I've test fitted the rear body tub, it went on with very little adjustment.

I must remove some of the height in the front springs as the front of the car now looks jacked up, and very high!

Fuel system plumbed in

The fuel system is now fully plumbed in, complete with its fuel filter.

The rear section of the wiring loom is now covered in a protective layer and is neatly cable tidied along the chassis, with the all the light exit positions in the correct place.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lowering block fitted

I've fitted the new 40mm lowering block, and as you can see in picture 2, the wheels now sit totally vertically (its an optical illusion with my wide angle lens making it look anything other), with no positive or negative camber - ideal!

I managed to paint the frame, fit a new handbrake cable, remove the rear part of the exhaust as it was riddled with holes and rust and partially plumbed in the fuel line into the tank, to be completed next.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New lowering block

I collected a modified lowering block from the factory today, complete with the essential welded in bolt for the location of the swing spring.

I also collected my fibreglass kit, 2 meters of fibreglass with all the tools for £23.50 off eBay - bargain!

I'm hoping to make some good progress* tomorrow.
*Except for stopping for the British Grand Prix!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lowering block needs serious adjustment for my set up!

The 3" lowering block supplied in the kit is made for the standard Swing Axle set up. As I'm using the swing spring (a different type), it turns out this lowers the car too much, because the swing spring sits slightly lower anyway.

When I fitted it tonight the wheels went from extreme camber one way to the other, with the back end almost on the floor!

I'm working on a plan to sort this, you can buy a 1" lowering block from Canley Classics, but I might need more than just a 1" drop.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frame fitted!

There is only one extra part of the frame that needs to be bolted down onto the chassis, the forward section of the tunnel area near the handbrake.

I've ordered some extra long M10 x 130mm bolts, when they arrive I'll get the last bit bolted up.

It all feels incredibly strong and totally integral to the chassis.

Rear of frame fitted

A combination of ratchet straps and my crow bar got the rear two mounting points lined up and fitted.
It really wasn't a hassle at all in the end, around 10 minutes work, and very satisfying to complete.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frame partially fitted

I've fitted the six bolts each side at the front of the frame to the car, where the door hinges used to go.

The two rear mounting holes over the diff area are going to need to some "adjustment", as they are too close by over a cm, and one is too far forward by half a cm. (Closest in bottom of top photo)
I'm going to try using a ratchet strap to persuade them into the correct position, I'm getting nowhere trying to bend them by hand!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fuel tank fitted into frame

I've got the fuel tank bolted into the frame, using M12 x 50mm bolts.

The holes had to be drilled in the frame, I've started using oil on the end of the drill bit to cool it down and keep it sharper for longer.

I will paint the frame and fit it as the next job.

Floor Bonded in

The floor has now been fitted.

I used a polyurethane sealant to secure the plywood down and to add a degree of waterproofing.

To keep it pinned down tight onto the sealant I had to resort to using wheels and my generator as weights!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Plywood floor test fitted

The plywood floor is now cut to size and has been test fitted to the Spyder.

Please forgive the frame being pushed backwards on the car, I needed to move it to get room to move the floors in and out, and couldn't really remove it as I'm seriously short of storage space at the moment!