Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chassis Welded

I've paid for mobile welder to pop over and patch up some small holes on both the chassis and bulkhead.

A good job done - much easier to get sorted with the body off the chassis.

Swing Spring fitted

I've fitted the Swing spring onto the car, and found a difference between the old swing axle setup and this swing spring setup. The old spring had a flush fitting rubber bush metal insert, on the newer swing spring, the metal sticks out, and on my car wouldn't fit back into the hub carrier.
The answer was to angle grind off the section sticking out, so its now sits flush and fits back onto the car.

This has now allowed me to remove the old spring, and as I'm weighing in my scrap metal on Saturday, it is very heavy and should allow me to get some more money for the "Sammio pot"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Handbrake solution

Its been troubling me over the last few weeks which handbrake to use, and how to mount it. I think I've come up with the solution, by using the middle curved part of the front section of the floor.

I plan to cut the tunnel section out, as it has the handbrake mount and pivot mechanism point built into it, it *should* be an easy, bolt in solution to my tunnel and handbrake woes.

Brake lines and Fuel line replaced

I've removed and replaced every brake pipe and fuel line, across the whole car. Not an easy job, some of the brake pipes were routed in very inaccessible areas!

Now its done, at least the MOT man will be happy!

Rust treating the chassis

I've painted the whole chassis with a rust treatment, in the hope that puts the tin worm at bay for many years to come!

Test fitting a Wire Wheel

Today I test fitted one wire wheel, and what a difference it made to the look of the car!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bulkhead / Windscreen cut down to size

Today I removed the windscreen section off the Herald with the angle grinder.

I made the cut line slightly higher on one section of the passengers side of the car (picture two), to go above the wiring loom. If the body won't fit above this line, I will modify it further to lower that section, and clean up the whole cut line.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Swing Spring and front Anti Roll Bar modification

I have decided to replace the standard "swing axle" (Top picture) rear suspension with a "swing spring" set up. (Pictures two and three)

Most road tests of the handling in Triumph Heralds produce reports of it being truly dreadful and unpredictable near the limit. More info here and here

Basically, Triumph modified the rear set up by using a "Swing spring" set up, where only the lower spring is bolted to the diff, all the others pivot, producing a much more controlled suspension setup, especially when going over a bump mid turn, or going from hard cornering one way to the other.

This new setup causes a reduction of stiffness, so a larger and stiffer front anti roll bar (7/8") from a mk4 Spitfire is used to equalise everything again. (This is the thicker black anti roll bar under the car in picture four)

Please read the two linked articles, they explain everything much better than I can!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

14" wheel hub adapters

I have bought some special wire wheel hub adapters for the Spyder. They are longer than the standard Triumph ones, as seen in the pics.

You can see that with a larger 14" MGB wheel the normal Triumph hubs won't fit all the way through, but the modified ones do, and allow fitment of larger 14" and 15" MG (and others) wheels.

The reason for using these is that Triumph only ever made 13" wire wheels for these cars, so it allows me to get a more pleasing "larger wheel look".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

eBay update - a profit!

The Herald cost me £500, but having listed every part I'm not using on eBay, I'm pleased to say I got £569 back in sales! So a net profit of £69 from the Herald!

And it gets better, when people have come over to collect parts, they've seen other parts they are interested in that were not listed and paid extra cash, (door anti burst catches etc....) and I've weighed in the scrap metal that didn't sell, (doors, boot, bonnet etc for £15)

I've still got the rotten main convertible tub to weigh in, so the money keeps on rolling in!

In total I'm on target to make over £600 from it, so a healthy £100 profit - excellent!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dashboard off

Not much progress really, I've had a weeks holiday away, and since I've been back all I've managed to do is remove the dashboard and windscreen!

All the parts are currently on eBay, I'm hoping for a good return on my investment.

Fingers Crossed!